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The person Transform the City, ZAK – Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst, Berlin 2019. Installation. The Stars Look at You too, 92 x 390 cm., mix technique on latex, wood; Abou, 92 x 151 cm., Mix technique on latex, wood; Shutter, 92 x 152 cm., Mix technique on latex, wood; The other Side of Euphoria, 32 x 250 cm. neon lights; Possible Scenario, 270 parts, variable dimensions, mix technique on cardboard; Supporting Actor 5, 150 x 35 cm., mix technique on cardboard; Supporting Actor 6, 29 x 80 cm., mix technique on cardboard.

The installation “Ornament as City” – the second part of this visual research project – is inspired by the urban mold of Berlin and its social development, making reference to migratory movements, linguistic diversity and everyday normative conventions that interact within the urban space.

Basically, it refers to the changes that the city experiences with the arrival of new actors and their interventions while adapting to the new urban context.

The installation reads clockwise and shows different facets of a refugee journey, from crossing a desert, to the strategies developed to cross the border, to the controls to which refugees are subjected, and to the hypocrisy and double standards that often characterize the welcome of refugees.

I use the column of the hall as a central axis to create an abstract form that grows geometrically. Its constitutive parts represent different ways of adapting to the urban stage while continuing to evolve, forming a body in constant evolution. They are symbols of a utopian representation of society that visualize the overlapping of different ways of life and stand in contrast to a normative approach.

I represent language as a living element, in constant evolution and transformation, through the abstraction of two objects that are integrated into the exhibition space. They are linguistic expressions of everyday vocabulary incorporated into the urban scenario, which have been adopted from foreign languages.