Galerie Nord, Kunsterein Tiergarten,  „Origens & Nation“, Berlin, 2005. Video-Intallation with sound, two chanels, four speaker, 8 min loop.

“Ich weiß schon aber, dennoch...” - I Know, but...- is a video, which shows observations of daily ocurrences such as German attitudes from the point of view of an “Auslander” -- Foreigner.

In a non - parallel story I mix film with photography. The photographs relate to daily customs, which often appear sub-consciously. The films, on the other hand, relate to customs made possible through remembrance of “Being Of This Time”. Both unite through sound and display a connection between action and repetition.

The customs and habits create fragmented structures of recognition and belief as unwritten laws. They are reproduced in the social web and become items of culture. In such ways, every culture achieves their inner model of posterity and remembrance.