Arminius Markthalle, Berlin, 2005. Installation. Drink cans, plastic box, adhesive plastic, Chiquita Banana boxes, Photography 21 x 29 cm., lamp, bulb, variable dimensions.

In the work “Hiatus”, a well-known commercial symbol is divided into its two external elements: Colour and Form.

“Chiquita Banana” boxes are piled up unevenly on a market stall. These boxes are turned inside out. Therefore the brand name becomes visible as the content of the box.

For this installation, I lined up different drink cans where the brand name has been completely removed, only the “raw” tin remains. In the centre, the room is visually divided by a red column, which itself establishes a new meaning in relation to the cans. In one cardboard box, you find a picture of a spectator who is looking upwards expectantly, as if he wanted to escape this “inside out” system in which he find himself.