The Poetry Of Limits, Galerie Axel Obiger, Berlin 2013. Installation.  Interactive wall: wood, sound sensors, laut spiker, amplifier, 411 x 426 cm. „touch wall“:wood, 341 x 240 cm., „Weat paint“: shopwindow, water, 210 x 245 cm.  Video-Installation, 1 channel, variable dimensions. “The nature of boundaries”Performance.  Text: Tatjana Fell “in – between”, Fernando Niño-Sánchez „Diary entries“

The Poetry of Limits, it is an installation in collaboration with Tatjana Fell exploring the interaction between space and the sensory experience of delimitation.

We do not start with Bachelard, Lefebvre, Heidegger and Hölderlin, not even with Hannah Arendt or Plato; we start with ourself and each other, with the exploration of the obvious, always existing and inevitable being excluded, the inside and outside of its own existence, the person, artistic person.

We do not work, as otherwise their own artistic work, from context to text, from the periphery to the center, of cultural, political and social fields in their interfaces of creators- the terra humanum.

It is scooped out of “nothing”, derived from the white of colourfulness, from the transparency the temporality, a regulatory of the finiteness of the language and from the treatment of tonus from Movement and resistance, the noise bring the sound of hope, or task and throws back what one can feel for themselves and sense.

Conceived as a work in progress, we decided within this installation to negotiate, to cooperate, collaboration, and common research trip, the locations of Limits and perforation, edges, cuts and overlaps trace, to touch, to look at, and from the resulting forming, value to discovering -beyond the usual negations of cutting, shedding, isolating.

Within her previous body of work Tatjana reflect zones of transition from latent existence to visibilities, hierarchical Structures, systems evaluation, and connotations and their modes of action and open transitions to participate. My work addressed particularly impressions of cultural diversity and edited social acculturation processes and confrontations with visual realities on an aesthetic level.

We conceived specifically for the space of Axel Obiger an installation and a performance operated through a network of metaphors and references that develop when the Visitors actively adopts. With the performance “The nature of boundaries” in the framework program we extend this research.